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5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster Using Social Media:

Social media has become the most used method of communication for all sorts of different things. Anyone can share important life updates, fun pictures, and other details of their life. While most people think of social media as a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, it is also an excellent option for all types of marketing and business communication. This includes trying to sell your home! If you are planning on selling your house in the future, make sure you are aware of how to use social media to get it sold as fast as possible and for the best price.

Post Your Status

Make a personal post about your decision to put your house up for sale. Make a post on your personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms saying that you are selling your home. An easy way to do this is to just post a link to the listing on another website such as Zillow or your realtor's sale page. Announcing the sale will get people's attention, since this is such a big decision. Your social media connections may know someone who is looking for a home in your area and they would be happy to send the link along. Don't be afraid to ask everyone to share the link too!

Post Flattering Pictures

First, be sure the home is tidy and "show ready" so you can highlight the best features of your home. This will give everyone a good 'introduction' to your home. Even if the page your realtor is promoting has pictures, consider adding unique images to your personal social media pages. This will give your followers an exclusive look at your home, which may make them even more interested. Be sure to make the pictures public so they can be shared as well.

Use the Power of Video

Give a virtual tour of your home and property. You don't need a high-end video camera to record this experience. Use your phone, tablet, or other recording device and walk through the home, giving some personal details about each of the areas. Even better, find a good app like iMovie to use video editing to give the tour the interactive edge that sets it apart from other listings. Once you have the video, you can post it on all your normal social media pages. You could even sign up for some video pages like TikTok for added exposure. You never know where someone will see your home and be very interested.

Buy a Facebook Ad

If you are able to, spend some money to get your home more exposure than any other post you might share. It will give your post the extra publicity you might need to get some activity on it, and Facebook lets you decide how much you want to spend on it and how many times you are billed. Facebook also allows you to customize exactly who will see your ad based on their interests. So, you can set it up so the ad only displays to those who their system believes will be moving in near future. This is something your realtor should be doing, but if you are selling your home on your own, it is a great investment.

Create an Event

If you decide to have an open house, create an event on Facebook inviting people to come tour the home in person. Ask friends and family to share the event to bring it more attention. Make sure the post and event are public as well so more people can see it.

All Exposure is Helpful

These days it seems like everyone is on social media and that is the best way to make connections and communicate with people on a larger scale. Putting your home for sale on your social media can not only bring more attention to the listing, but potentially sell it faster as well. Be sure to share the home on your social media with these helpful tips. Do not forget to throw some hashtags on your post and stay social media savvy!

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